Meet the Blade Brigade: Neliza Drew

neliza-bo staff2

Meet Neliza Drew, writer ninja. Neliza is the author of several excellent crime stories. “Hollow,” published at Beat to a Pulp, stars one of my favorite characters, Davis Grove. Davis also appeared in “Addictions” in the Feeding Kate anthology, and “Tricks,” in Summer 2013′s Needle: A Magazine of Noir. Davis grew up hard, taking care of her mother and sisters, and she has done whatever she had to, to get by. She does part-time work for an investigator, and navigates the human wasteland of southern Florida like Charon taking us over the River Styx. Check out “Hollow” for a taste, while Neliza finishes her Davis Grove novel, which I can’t wait to read.


Neliza also trains in kempo and gung fu when she is not wrangling delinquents, making candles, or hunting vegan food with her bo staff. Torment her at your peril. You can find her, and her work at her website Neliza Drew.



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  1. As my generation would say: Neliza rocks!

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