Fubar gets fubared

The scary thing is that the day before this happened I wrote about the Crane Bar in Ireland, and then on the next day a crane falls on a bar on an Irish holiday. Creepy. Check the photos for orbs, dude.

Two blocks from where we began the murph guide pub crawl, a crane in manhattan collapsed and demolished one of the bars on the crawl.
Didn’t see it happen but arrived a few minutes after. Got photos of the wreckage but its top story on the new york times right now. 2 confirmed dead, but it demolished a 5 story building and damaged nearby apartments, so hopefully no one else died.
Maybe bloomberg cut too many jobs in the inspection departments? Or its been an unlucky year for construction companies squeezed by the economy taking a dump.

According to the New York Times, 4 people are confirmed dead, all construction workers on the crane. A piece of metal fell and sheared off a girder supporting the crane as they were trying to raise the boom. I have some photos of the street shortly after the collapse, smoke still in the air, that I’ll add here today. Apparently the FuBar was closed and getting ready to open, if they’d started early like the other spots on the crawl, there would have been many, many deaths. A few blocks away at T.G. Whitney’s where it began, the place had over a hundred people inside at 2pm.

Here are my photos from the scene:

Some kilted onlookers see the crane boom on the crushed building.

Crowd of drinkers looking at the dust from the demolished building.

Close-up of apartment building damage.

Close-up of the revelers noticing the destruction.

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