Happy Birthday Holly Hunter

Looking good for 50 ain’t she? I’d hunt in her holly. I think my first introduction to her was her frantic and hilarious performance in Raising Arizona, still one of my favorite comedies. Then there was The Piano, which was the first time I was scarred by Harvey Keitel’s penis, which has way too many roles if you ask me. I think it has its own IMDb credit. Thankfully the other pianist in the scene (see what I did there) was Holly Hunter, prim and hot and reserved. I do declare, I still can’t hear “chopsticks” without getting the vapors.

More recently she was in O Brother Where Art Thou, playing another fiery female for the Coen Brothers, and as the stretchy mom in The Incredibles, some of the best voice acting in an animated film in recent times. When she’s scared for her kids in the plane being shot down, the fun cartoon gets real serious all of a sudden, and we’re really relieved when she saves them. Now that there’s some talent. Here’s hoping Holly keeps getting work, other than “Saving Grace” at least.

One thought on “Happy Birthday Holly Hunter

  1. One of my favorite Holly Hunter performances is in A Life Less Ordinary, which is an otherwise kind of crappy movie. Check it out.

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