The Foot Fist Way and Stunt Rock!

Two movies I may never get to see, but must see, from the trailers alone. The Foot Fist Way stars Danny McBride from Hot Rod, an under-appreciated goofy comedy starring Andy Samberg. Danny wrote the movie as well, and it is currently seeking distribution. It’s getting great word of mouth from Will Ferrell and the Superbad crew, and the trailer had me laughing.

It should be special fun for us who’ve dealt with dojo dorks. Not that I think all Tae Kwon Do practitioners are fooling themselves, but it always makes me smile when you spar with them and realize this is the first time they’ve been punched in the face. Then again I’ve been very lazy this year about going to mixed martial arts class so I shouldn’t be shooting my mouth off.

According to IMDb it is getting a limited release on May 30th, so here’s hoping NYC gets a showing. I’ll be there.

Stunt Rock is a goofy 70’s movie being shown around by Eli Roth, the guy who did Cabin Fever and Hostel. It’s about an Australian stuntman who goes to L.A. to work, and helps out the Aussie hard rock supergroup Sorcery perform their stage act, which involves the Devil vs. Merlin. He also recounts famous stunts to his girlfriend, which is why the trailer has stunts from Gone in 60 Seconds in it, I presume. The film looks suitably ridiculous in a way only the 70’s could tolerate, and I’m told it is mostly plotless rambling interspersed with rock concert and stunt footage. Which sounds fine to me, rather like The Song Remains the Same, or This is Spinal Tap meets Two Lane Blacktop.
Hopefully Roth’s little road show can drum up enough interest to get a DVD release of this weird little movie, because while it’s certainly drive-in grindhouse trash it’s also certain to be entertaining as hell on many levels.