Kickass Wall-E toys coming soon

This year’s Tickle Me Elmo has tank treads and boots to the Apple sound. The Ultimate Wall*E, priced at $189.95, will be rolling into stores this winter in time for Christmas and the November DVD release. I’m past toys of this nature; I like pointy things and toys that go vroom now, besides I have a closet full of Spinal Tap and Pulp Fiction action figures gathering dust, so there’s no room anyway. But I must say this is a pretty cool toy.

Gizmodo has video of it in action, but it’s at a cramped toy convention and they couldn’t show the cool stuff like how it will follow your voice, or avoid objects like a Roomba vac. It has 10 different motors, so it’ll do more than drive around. That’s cool tech, but I’m not sure it’s worth $200, even if it has a touchpad remote with emoticon buttons. There’s also a “Living Interactive” Wall*E touring museums, that is supposed to be lifesize. So you could take the kid to see a “real Wall*E” without spending $200. Though that would probably just make kids want it more.

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