High Point Brewery – Abbey Red Ale and Keller Pilsner, and a concern.

This weekend at the Ramstein Brewery they had two new limited edition brews, available in growlers only. If you missed out this weekend, I recommend you head on up to the brewery and get some, they were both quite good. The crowd was surprisingly light– everyone was probably down the Shore– and it was a great day for drinking beer.

The Abbey Red Ale is red and tasty, similar to the amber but with that familiar strong malty flavor that Irish Reds have. This was definitely better than the Samuel Adams Irish Red; I killed a six-pack of that for July 4th, so I’d know. It has fruity notes and that signature crisp fresh flavor you only get when it’s fresh from the brewery.

More memorable was the fantastic Keller Pilsner- their standard Golden Lager before it is lagered! Unfiltered and “fresh from their fermenter,” I wish I’d gotten a growler of this before I got my Red Ale and Blonde. It’s that good. Call ahead and see if they have any left, and drive to the brewery… you won’t regret it. Their Lager isn’t my favorite of their beers- too clean for me, I like my beers best unfiltered– so this was perfect. Like a fruitier, hoppier version of the Blonde with less of the familiar wheaty head, it’s just fantastic.

I may have to drive up and buy a new growler to fill up. I wouldn’t regret it. It’s a shame the Keller Pilsner won’t be seen again. That and the infamous Double Platinum Blonde are too good to disappear. Their Oktoberfest is world class and definitely deserves to be bottled.

Greg & company really make some fantastic beers, but they can be hard to find even this close to the brewery. The last time I bought Blonde, it was past its date and I had to return it (Bottle King, Glenridge). Now that hurt. I’m beginning to think going to the brewery every month may be bad for the brewery. I want to support them at my local liquor store.

I want Ramstein to be as big and popular as Dogfish Head, or better yet, Brooklyn Brewery or Abita- still regional and true to their origins, but with a bigger repertoire to taste regularly, and better distribution. I guess the only way to help is to drink more of their great beer!

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