Weezer at the Garden

Firecracker and I went to see Weezer last night at Madison Square Garden. I was a huge fan of their original Blue album, and while their subsequent releases have not been as great, they always manage to come up with a good song or three. Their latest, the Red Album, has a few good singles ranging from the ubiquitous “Pork and Beans” that’s on radios everywhere, the rockin’ “Troublemaker” and my persona favorite, the wacky rap-rock-ballad “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.”

They performed all of those last night, and a bevy of their classics and a few good covers. Just about the only song I pined for was the nerd anthem “In the Garage,” but overall it was quite a satisfying concert. Tokyo Police Club and Angels and Airwaves opened for them. We caught some of A&A who were pretty good; first time I’d heard them, they seemed like a more alt-rock Muse to me but I only heard one song. I wanted to see Tokyo Police Club, but I wasn’t up for 4 hours of concert last night. We’re both sick.

Weezer had a nice LED background lightshow going on, and opened with “My Name is Jonas,” one of my faves. From the first album, they also played “The Sweater Song,” “Say it Ain’t So,” “Only in Dreams,” and of course, “Buddy Holly” as an encore. Other faves like “Hash Pipe” and “El Scorcho” made the cut, too.

Playing in Devo suits

They had a promotion before the concert- if you could play an instrument, you could audition to play with the band on stage. For the encore, they brought out 30 people with various instruments, from banjos and a sitar, flutes, accordions, saxophones, trumpets and a cowbell. They all played along to two songs, unfortunately including “Beverly Hills.” It was fun, but thankfully they only did two songs.

The lucky winners

They covered “What’s the Story Morning Glory” by Oasis, and “Sliver” by Nirvana. I felt like one of the only people who recognized and liked when they broke into “Gramma take me home!” They covered it well, and I’ll never get to see the original band play it so I enjoyed it. Overall it was a good concert- they played well, and a good variety of old and new. The gimmick wasn’t great, but I’m sure it was a blast for the musicians. It was not quite as cool as when Crowded House brought a school choir on stage. It’s more fun to watch kids have a blast than bearded hipsters and frat boys.