Greasy Spoons – Bourbon BBQ of Wyckoff, NJ

Blue Meeny” at Bourbon BBQ

The Mouth from the South passed along a suggestion for great ‘cue in Jersey- Bourbon BBQ of Wyckoff, in the northeast corner of the state. We decided to try it out this Saturday, since it’s a short ride from the Ramstein Brewery, and sort of on the way home. On Goffle Road, just past the Goffle Grill- a hot dog joint we’ll try next time- it’s an unassuming little roadside shack with only a small sign proclaiming “BBQ” to lure you to their lot. If you pass it, turn around- there’s some good eats to be had here.

Guest scarfers Firecracker and Milky

I eyed their menu and noted “The Elvis,” a pulled pork sandwich with pickles, coleslaw and sauce, and the “Texas Hold ‘Em,” a foot-long chili dog with cheese and onions. Firecracker and I split those, while Milky had a Texas Weiner with the spicy fries. The fries turned out to be the best surprise of the visit- battered and tangy, they are crisp and tasty. They prove that the joint uses fresh oil, they are a pale gold and harbor no oily aftertaste. Bourbon BBQ also is one of the few places I’ve seen that carries RC Cola and Diet Rite- two colas of the past that are hard to find nowadays. They also have Stewart’s root beer.

The Elvis, a mound of pulled pork with onions, slaw and pickles

I wish we’d come for dinner, for they had a St. Louis Style rib full rack for only $19.95, $5 off regular price, for their Saturday “Credit Crunch” special. Their menu has one for all seven days of the week, so come for a bargain. But is it good barbecue? I haven’t had the ribs, so I can’t say. The pulled pork was very tender and tasty. It could have used more smoke flavor, but you can add sauce and seasoning yourself. The pork was delectably moist and tender, much better than the Front Street Smokehouse and Saloon in Elizabeth, which was my pick for best BBQ prior to this find. The Texas Chili Dog tasted a little bland to me, but Firecracker and Milky loved it. I guess Crif Dog’s Spicy Redneck, and Hiram’s have made a hot dog snob out of me. I loved “The Elvis,” and would highly recommend it. Their sauce is a vinegary style Carolina type, also a rarity here up north.

Milky shows off his foot long

This was a “first taste” and we’ll be going back for dinner to try their award-winning ribs, and fried chicken too. We grabbed a “BBQ Pork and Black Bean Empenada” and I thought it was great- tender, tasty and crispy on the outside. Deep fried of course! And a tasty, Latin addition to a BBQ menu. The sides were also tops- usually the weak spot at a NJ ‘cue joint. I got mac ‘n cheese, which was delicious and creamy; Firecracker got mashed potatoes, which came with a rich mushroom gravy, and the Spicy Fries deserve mentioning twice. They’re that good, and I bet they’ll be great with some fried chicken or a rack of those ribs!

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