Ramstein Brewery – Oktoberfest part deux

We take a brief respite from our Schlocktoberfest horror movie marathon for some sweet sweet beer! The October open house at the Ramstein Brewery – the High Point Wheat Beer Brewing Company, of Butler, NJ- is much more quiet than their Oktoberfest celebration last month. That little soiree apparently drew 180 people into the cozy little brewery, so this time it reminded me of the first open house I went to, 2 years ago, right before my good friend Darth Milk went to Iraq. We gave him a good send-off at the brewery, and the fine beer kept him strong.
This is probably the last time this year we’ll have their fantastic Oktoberfest Lager available in growlers, so if you want a taste, call the brewery and go pick some up! This was a 5 growler day for me & Milky, and the first time they’ve had their flagship Blonde Hefe-Weizen available for growlers in some time. They’re making it as fast as they can, and it’s available in more stores than ever. And on tap at bars such as the Cloverleaf tavern in Caldwell, or Andy’s Corner Bar in Bogota. Not to mention Barcade in Brooklyn and the Kabin on the Lower East Side. So you’ve got no excuse; if you love German-style beer, try this award-winning Bavarian-style wheat beer now! Shop-Rite Liquors, Roserne’s, Bottle King, Whole Foods- they all carry the Blonde.
Their Oktoberfest Lager has once again ranked in the top ten Oktoberfest beers of the world; last time they were #7, I’m not sure if they changed place. I got 2 growlers of it this time. It’s a delicious and refreshing hoppy lager that I hope they can bottle soon. It’s available on tap at the Cloverleaf tavern for sure. Andy’s might have it as well. Mike and Brian were manning the taps this weekend, and filled our 5 in no time flat. Greg, the founder, announced that next weekend they will be at the Garden State Craft Brewer’s Fest at Bears Stadium in Newark with a new cask of beer made especially for that occasion. To our great regret, both Milky and I will be elsewhere- I have a trip to D.C. planned and he’s a Marine reservist and it’s a warrior weekend. So hopefully our pal over at The Beer-Stained Letter will be there to cover it and enjoy the beer we’ll miss!