A Burger & 500 Beers – the Brickskeller

You might think a hamburger with bacon and salami is overkill, but then you might think a beer menu with 500 selections was crazy too. If you are one of us, who think bacon and salami burgers are fine and dandy, and 500 beers is “a good start,” then The Brickskeller saloon in Dupont Circle is a place you should visit when in D.C.

While Ben’s Chili Bowl is a must-go for foodies- and if you’re a foodie who can’t appreciate a masterful chili dog, go choke on a slice of Iberico ham, you Philistine- the Brickskeller is a must-go for us lovers of that ancient and heavenly libation known as beer. While even chain restaurants are bragging about carrying beers from every country in the U.N., how about a dozen from Russia alone? 117 from England, 200+ from Belgium, 80 from Germany. 16 from New Jersey (though Ramstein is criminally absent).

The burger was pretty standard pub fare- tasty, but nothing spectacular. Salami, bacon and sharp cheese is a nice combo, and that made the burger. Better were their stuffed potato skins, made from red potatoes, stuffed with molten cheddar and crisp bacon. They were a nice change from the usual white potatoes, and easier finger food. But the beers! They had Abita Pecan Harvest Ale, one of our faves. Unfortunately they were out of Samichlaus– a strong Austrian lager- at 14% the strongest lager-style beer in the world. I had a Paulaner Salvator because I was overwhelmed with the choices, and so many of my picks were out of stock or season. I’m sure I could have found an obscure beer to drink, but after a while I felt like I was at the Cheese Shop from that Monty Python sketch.

If you live here, it would be a great haunt, because I assume eventually the items I looked for would be in stock. But it seems disingenuous to claim the largest beer selection when you don’t keep them all in the cellar. It’s worth stopping by if you’re visiting D.C., but don’t eye their online beer menu and expect to knock off all the beers you’ve been wanting to try, you may just be disappointed.