Ramstein Brewery – Winter Wheat Doppelbock

It is once again that glorious time of year when the High Point Brewing Company releases its seasonal brew, the Winter Wheat doppelbock. At their open house last Saturday, it was almost as lively as when they debuted their other popular seasonal at Oktoberfest. I guess I’m not the only one who loves the winter wheat, with its chocolaty finish and malty smoothness.

It’s one of those dark beers without bitterness, that is full of flavor without feeling like a loaf of bread in a glass, a problem you sometimes get with stouts such as Guiness and Mackeson’s triple. the foamy head on this one is rich brown and tasty, and for you folks who can’t or won’t make the trek to the brewery, the good folks there thankfully bottle this one. It is available in stores from November to April, and makes a fine libation for the cold winter months, whether alongside a rich stew or even with a bowl of ice cream. Call me weird but I like how it tastes against good old vanilla. I’ve yet to make a float with it, but I’ve been wanting to try.

Rainy days are perfect for enjoying beer and comradery! Prosit!

At this open house we had a surprise feast- a delicious sampling of down-home German food like wurst and spaetzel, home-grown red cabbage and radishes, delicious carved ham and more. The crowd went through it like a buzzsaw, and thanks to Firecracker I got to taste some. I was stuck in the growler line with a double order, since Milky was down in Philly playing Marines. We cracked the growler for movie night, and it tastes as good as it does from the cask. They did another cask opening this time, and once again, no one treats their drinkers better than High Point Brewing Company. Grab a six-pack at one of these locations, and come by on the second Saturday of December for the last open house until spring! You won’t regret it.

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