Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Red Robin is a gourmet burger chain – and they do a decent job. Here it’s all about the toppings- the burger itself is a good-sized beef patty but tastes a little average. But oh, the choices. Hell, they even make grilled chicken taste exciting. And that brings them up a notch. Me & Milky went to the Clifton location- located next to a La Quinta hotel on Route 3, right before the offramp to 21- eager to have burgers. We’re burger aficionados. And yet when we eyed their menu, we both decided on chicken. Madness? No, this is Red Robin. Like Island Burger in NYC, which lets you make a chicken churrasco out of any burger they make, Red Robin has a fine selection of juicy grilled chicken breast sandwiches. I opted for a Chicken Bruschetta Burger, pictured above. It has provolone cheese, bruschetta and pesto sauce on a thick juicy chicken breast, and a ciabatta roll. It’s garlic-heavy but heavenly- juicy, spicy and rich.
Their onion ring tower, as you can see, is a terror to behold. They go the Yankee route of thick onion slices in crispy breadcrumbs. Milky opted for the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger, which he loved. That one has cheddar cheese, whiskey BBQ sauce, and crispy onion straws. I’ve had the burger version, and it is quite good- mixing tangy sauce and the crispy onions works well. My favorite burger here isn’t even a burger- it’s the pot roast sandwich. It comes and goes on the menu, so try it if they have it. It’s tender pot roast in sweet onion gravy on an onion roll with cheddar cheese and horseradish sauce, and it’s fantastic- the perfect mix of flavors, comfort food on a bun with a little tang to it.

They also have a decent beer selection with Sam Adams seasonal and Blue Moon on tap, plus milkshakes, malts and floats to quench your thirst. Comparing them with Burger DeLuxe, I like the Robin’s better selection. But DeLuxe makes a better float. Red Robin’s burgers may be on par with Fuddrucker’s- which is no insult- but their menu is broader and it’s a nicer atmosphere if you don’t have kids to wrangle. And don’t be embarrassed to get chicken or the pot roast burger- they’re more memorable than many of their burgers. They also offer endless steak fries, which is always a plus. Milky even took his second helping home!