The English Breakfast Burger at the Tick Tock Diner

In the immortal words of the Simpsons: we cook it in rich, creamery butter, and we top it all with a fried egg. We call it the Good Morning Burger… (drool noises)

At the Tick Tock Diner near Madison Square Garden in NYC you can get something similar- the English Breakfast Burger. First they take an English Muffin – my favorite sandwich delivery system- and they toast it, of course. Then each slice gets its own sausage patty, a slice of tomato, some sauteed portobello mushrooms, and a sunny side up egg. They get to share 3 slices of crisp bacon among them. They will make your heart sing with joy, before it explodes in a spray of blood and cholesterol.
Best eaten with a knife and fork, and with a side of fries or home fries to soak up all that lovely yolk. Because it comes sunny side up by default. The tomato and mushroom each the Full English Breakfast. The tomato should be grilled, but it wasn’t- so ask for it to be grilled if you get one. It’ll taste even better.
They also make decent regular burgers- good diner fare, nothing to write home about, but well priced. If you’re near the garden this is the best bargain for sit-down restaurants. If you want food quick, go to Gyros II and get a Gyro Platter for $9. They’re immense, very tasty with nutmeg-spiced meat and a sweet and tangy tzatziki sauce- and served fast.
But if you have time to sit down, the Tick Tock diner on 34th & 8th is hard to beat for the area. Good eats for only slightly inflated prices. Avoid Lindy’s at all costs- $5 for coffee, it’s a tourist trap. The Tick Tock has good service, good food, at good prices. It’s my go-to place when seeing a show at the Garden or a movie at the nearby Loews.