Second Helpings – The Dover Grill and Lil Burgers

Milky and I went back to The Dover Grill last weekend, and if anything they’ve improved. They have more hotdog combos, more sides, and more entrees. They seem to be doing very well- we had to sit outside! This time I had a Reuben dog- sauerkraut, swiss, thousand island dressing- and it was excellent. The American with chili- bacon, coleslaw and jalapenos- is still my favorite, the Jersey version of Crif Dog’s Spicy Redneck.

They also have fried mac’ ‘n cheese triangles, which are very tasty. Johnny had a Volcano- like the American without cole slaw- and fries with homemade tangy onions, his mainstay. The Dover Grill is worth a second trip, though sadly it is out of the way if you don’t live near Route 46. The onramp for I-80 just west of the grill is closed, so it makes for at least a 10 mile detour if you’re traveling on the interstate.

They also make little burgers, cheese steaks, and regular burgers- none of which I’ve tried. The hotdogs are too good! Besides, I have Lil Burgers for sliders. While I’ll always love Rutt’s and Hiram’s, the Dover Grill remains my favorite Jersey hot dog place.
Speaking of Lil Burgers, we’ve been there several times since my original review. Their burgers are still excellent. They now offer bacon, after my urging. A bacon cheese Lil Burger with ketchup and pickle is pretty awesome. They also have Lil Chicks, tasty chicken tender sandwiches on their famous potato rolls with honey mustard; the Wrangler, which is a Lil Burger with an onion ring anf BBQ sauce; at 50 cents extra I’ll take bacon instead. They have a “Burger Sub” of three patties on a hoagie roll, but it’s not the same. The potato roll is king. The owner mentioned a full size potato roll perhaps in the future, and I look forward to it.

They also have Lil Fishie fried fish sandwiches, hot soup and Slush Puppies available now, but we haven’t tried either of them yet. The lil Chicks are very good, and they make great broccoli cheese bites. We’ll probably try the Slush Puppies this weekend and maybe I’ll get a fish sandwich, but the Lil Burgers are hard to resist. And they still make great sweet potato fries.

We’ve also been to Dinosaur BBQ a third time and I had an excellent brisket sandwich with their house-cured bacon & swiss. It was fantastic- very tender and tasty. Dinosaur BBQ continues to amaze. They need a sandwich with their Elgin sausage. They also make Churrasco chicken sandwiches we need to try, and their barbecue chicken. Chicken always gets overlooked at ‘cue joints. And we still haven’t had room for dessert at this place!

I love trying new places, so when I go someplace for a second or third time, they’re getting the seal of approval. And these places are definitely among my favorite junk food joints.

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  1. Hey, i eat at dover grill a lot, I love it! the hot dogs are great, but definitely try the mini burgers, I must say they almost surpass the hotdogs, they are awesome. as you know, the fries aren’t too shabby either

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