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Fletch over at Blog Cabins tagged me in The Favorite Movie Period/Place Meme begun by Getafilm.

1.) Think of a place (real or fictional) and time (past, present, future) portrayed in a movie (or a few) that you would love to visit.
2.) List the setting, period, applicable movie, and year of the applicable movie’s release (for reference).
3.) Explain why, however you’d like (bullet points, list, essay form, screenshots, etc.). If this is a time and place that you have intimate knowledge of, feel free to describe what was done well and what wasn’t done well in portraying it.
4.) If possible, list and provide links to any related movies, websites, books, and/or articles that relate to your choice (s).
5.) Modify Rules #1-4 to your liking. And come up with a better name for this meme.
6.) Link back to this Getafilm post in your post, please.
7.) Tag at least five others to participate!

Dylan chose the near future of Code 46 and Children of Men– not for the dystopia of the latter, but for the nice touches that make for a believable future. Daniel, the originator, also chose a future- that of Back to the Future II.
Me? The future, not so much. Sure, the dirty future of Blade Runner was appealing back in the day. But as my co-worker The Mouth from the South said the other day, I’m a Renaissance man. Give me Ye Olde Turkey Legge and a Dixie Cup of mead. But despite my wide feet, I don’t want to be a Hobbit in the Lord of the Rings movies, I’d rather be in John Milius’s version of the Hyborian Age from Robert E. Howard’s stories, in Conan the Barbarian.
Sure, it’s dirty. Life there is most definitely going to be nasty, brutish and short, sort of like Harlan Ellison (sorry HE, couldn’t help it). But I want to go there anyway, even if my village might be overrun by Picts and Thulsa Doom and his snake cult. I know I wouldn’t be Conan, or even Subotai the archer in that world. I’d be the lizard on a stick salesman pictured below (that’s actually John Milius in a wisely excised cameo). I’d probably be lured in by a sexy witch and chained in her backyard, but the movie has always felt like another world to me. One of these days I’ll go to Spain, and marvel over the filming locations, and choke on a leg of Iberico ham. And I will die happy.
My second choice? Sweet Haven, from Robert Altman’s perfect vision of Popeye. It boggles my mind that this movie has a 4.8 rating on IMDb. Everything about it is perfect, if you watched the cartoons; except perhaps that Alice the Goon is nowhere to be seen. And the isles of Malta are the perfect set for Sweet Haven. A rocky island in the middle of nowhere, with rickety steps all over the place; boxing rings floating in the bay, and hamburger shops that will let you pay on Tuesday for the hamburger today? It’s perfect for me. Maybe because I empathize with, and sort of look like, Bluto, and have since I saw this as a kid.

So, time to tag people. You’re IT!

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Needless to say these are all film blogs worth reading.

2 thoughts on “Wish You Were There meme

  1. TV Shows don't count?If they do, I would choose the dystopian future of Thundarr the Barbarian.If not, I'm right there with you in Hyperborea.

  2. Thanks for passing it along! This is awesome…nothing like a big fat turkey leg and a goblet. For whatever reason, it brings to mind such movies as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Beowulf. And to think, back then you didn't have to worry about hygiene or fashion, just eating and conquering.And Malta looks amazing in that picture. Overall that's just an outstanding out-of-the-blue choice. Forgive if I didn't even realize Altman made a Popeye movie…And TV shows can totally count, in which case I will cheat and choose Quantum Leap, thus allowing me to go everywhere at any time.

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