Public Enemies Featurette and Interview with Michael Mann

Trailer Addict has this nice teaser showing how Michael Mann got Johnny Depp and Christian Bale to the same places their characters Dillinger and Purvis escaped and hunted from. The same hotel rooms, the same prison rebuilt… a rather amazing attention to detail that can only inspire great performances from these two actors. For one, it will be great seeing Depp outside of a Burton crazy role and back to stuff like his forgotten, excellent turn in Donnie Brasco; and Bale outside of the action superstar he’s quickly become, to something like The Prestige.

And for good reading, fellow Chi-town boy Roger Ebert picks Mann’s brain about the upcoming film here:

Michael Mann: Seeing history through Dillinger’s eyes
by Roger Ebert

a taste: Michael Mann saw the Biograph Theatre at 2433 N. Lincoln for the first time while riding past it on a streetcar when he was 8 or 9. His mother Esther told him, “That’s the old Biograph Theatre where they killed Dillinger.” She took a bow from the audience at the Chicago premiere of his movie “Public Enemies,” which ends with a corpse on the Biograph sidewalk.

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