4 thoughts on “Dillinger duo, and the last movie he saw

  1. Nice summary of the various Dillinger-related movies. I haven't seen that 70s version, but thanks for the link to my review of the Nosseck film. You're right that it's notable almost entirely for Tierney's performance. He's just terrifying. And as per your mention of Reservoir Dogs, that film contains a hat-tip to Tierney's Dillinger portrayal, when he calls another man "dead as Dillinger."I really need to see Manhattan Melodrama, too. I love Myrna Loy, and the sequence in Public Enemies where Dillinger watches that film is one of the best and most moving in the film.

  2. Great post. I've only seen the 70's Dillinger. That was years ago. I don't remember too much about it. Never seen the others. I do want to watch more gangster movies, especially some of the older ones.

  3. I had always been curious about Milius' take on Dillinger so thanks for the review on that version. Plus, I love Warren Oates so I may have to check that one out real soon.

  4. Good summary of Dillinger films. I think you are right about Milius' take on Dillinger. I've always liked it, but it does seem like it should be called "Purvis" instead. Still, when I picture Dillinger, I picture him as Warren Oates. Another Dilinger film I remember, although he isn't the main character, is the cheapie The Lady in Red with Pamela Sue Martin as the title character.And I agree, it is easy to see why Dillinger went to see Manhattan Melodrama, and a bit ironic. And I have to say, it did provide my favourite line in Public Enemies…"John Dillinger ain't goin' to a Shirley Temple movie!"

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