taking a rest for a while.

6 thoughts on “taking a rest for a while.

  1. I'm not surprised – you go at a breakneck pace, Tommy. I'm consistently impressed by the amount of content you produce. Not giving advice, but if it were me, I'd produce a bunch, schedule them to be published at a slower pace, and give yourself more time off in between. Might help with the burning out, anyway.Have a good break – see lots of terribly movies and eat lots of greasy food. Oh, and look at lots of boobies.

  2. I actually do post ahead of time, and I don't know why I was so concerned with having a post every day. It burned me out. I am going to slow down and concentrate on my fiction for a while, and only write about movies I think deserve it now. I was reviewing every movie I watched. It became an obsession.thanks for the kind words. I'll still be reading your blogs, and I look forward to the Predator review. I just watched it again. It says something when a review of one of my favorite movies, True Lies, is sitting half finished for weeks. I'm going fishing!

  3. Hey Tommy! I'm happy to hear you're taking some well deserved time off. I hear you on the burnout, I used to post everyday too. It was exhausting, so I cut back. Have fun fishing!

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