what exit? I’ll tell you what exit, $%$@#!

Flying Fish Brewery is brewing a series of beers named after exits on the NJ Turnpike. I heard over at the Beer-Stained Letter blog that the Turnpike Authority- one of many government monopolies that contribute to my state’s miasma of political corruption- was not pleased. So of course, I gave them the Italian Salute and bought a bottle.

I would have anyway, because Flying Fish is one of New Jersey’s best breweries. Located in Cherry Hill, their Hopfish IPA and Farmhouse Ale are two of my favorites. Exit 11 – a hoppy wheat ale that combines a Belgian yeast, wheat, and West Coast hop infusion- is my new favorite of theirs. The mellow fruity smoothness of a great wheat beer, with the snappy, piney finish of a hoppy IPA make for an excellent summer brew. Available only in 750ml “big bottles,” there’s enough for two big wiesbier glasses and a little leftover. Milky and I consumed one while watching Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, and if offered a case of this beer, I would kneel before Zod.

Flying Fish Brewery offers tours on most Saturdays- check the calendar on their website before visiting- and I foresee a trip there in my near future. They are also on twitter. Give them a try! Great local beer is one of the things that keeps us sane here in Jersey.