Once you go Cuban, you won’t want a Rueben

La Conquita’s “Le Tripleta” sandwich. Since it’s not pressed they don’t call it a Cubano but instead a Mexican sandwich. This sucker’s loaded with shredded pork, chicken AND beef, topped with lettuce, tomato, mayo and hot sauce, on a soft roll with a chewy crust. You can’t fathom the dimensions from this angle but I had difficulty holding it. Firecracker and I shared this for dinner, with a carne empenada as well. The Tripleta was delicious, tasty juicy and fresh without being greasy. It cost $9.50 but fed two of us to satiety.

The empenadas were small but only $1.25; tasty but unremarkable, I’ve had better but these make a good grab for food on the go, especially at the price of a candy bar. La Conquita in Jersey City is located a block away from the Grove Street PATH station on the corner of Bay Street. Ample metered street parking, if you drive down Newark Avenue. The sandwich is worth a trip.