Top Ten Arnie One-Liners

Arnold Schwarzenegger is more than a movie star, he’s a force of nature. The Austrian Oak come to America in the ’60s when he was Mr. Universe, and started by making awful movies like Hercules in New York (full review). Even though he barely had a command of English, you could see the charisma, ambition, and the sick sense of humor in his eyes. Then Pumping Iron came out, and we could see the mind games he played on his opponents. But the biggest joke is on us- the awful puns he loves inserting into his movies. I’ll be back? Hasta la vista baby? Talk to the hand? Bah! Here are the real classics:

10. Consider zis a divorce.

from Total Recall

9. What is best in life?

from Conan the Barbarian

8. Agaahhaahahahaaggghh!

from every damn Arnold movie!

7. He had to split

Bonus: you also get the rest of the Running Man ones.

6. Yakety Yak, don’t talk back!

from Twins

5. It’s not a tumah!

from Kindergarten Cop

4. You’re fired!

from True Lies

3. Stick around!

from Predator

2. Let off some steam, Bennett!

Commando, being the best movie ever made, gets three!

1. Right? Wrong!

Wait, these go up to 11!

I lied!

One we’ll forget:

You should not drink and bake

from Raw Deal

Let’s hope he gives up politics and gives us some more!

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Arnie One-Liners

  1. These were great. Arnold always had a way with words. Thanks for posting all of these. Thanks also for your comment on my Sophia Loren blog post.

  2. "I lied" from COMMANDO may just be my fave Arnie line from any of his films. There's a real menace mixed with humor in the way he delivers it. Plus, he's dangling consummate character actor David Patrick Kelly by the leg. I also love how he tells the guy that he's holding him with his weak arm! heh.

  3. although it never seems to come up much in these sort of lists, i think that almost the best line he has is in LAST ACTION HERO, in the preview for his movie in the movie which is "Hamlet", he says the famous hamlet line "to be or not to be" only changes it to "to be or not to be….not to be" then blows the castle up…anyway sounds weird but the trailer is here

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