keep on truckin’

Foodies know that truck food is where it’s at. El Imperio is a cart that parks by the Grove Street PATH station in Jersey City at times. They serve tacos and Mexican sandwiches. They do us a great service, offering great drunk food by the train into the late hours.
They even have seating, and an awning if it’s raining. Their sandwiches have a filling trifecta of slow-cooked meat, fresh vegetables, and chewy, fresh rolls. Mine’s loaded with barbacoa beef, and the other is pork.
They also offer fish tacos (snerk) but I didn’t try. I like a good fish taco, so next time I will. They make very satisfying sandwiches and if they’re parked there, you’d better not go to the McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts. Your stomach will never forgive you.

How do you say “sangweech” in Spanish?

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