Meatstravaganza at Stamna, a Greek taverna

Gigantic platters of meat and seafood speak for themselves. They say, “eat me.” At Stamna in Bloomfield, your protein fix is not only delicious, but a bargain as well. Where else can you get a plate filled to the edge with grilled calamari tubes, head-on prawns and octopus tentacles seasoned with a little lemon and spices for $21?
The giant meat platter, which fed us for days, contains a Greek-style burger patty that was at least 10 ounces; a mound of succulent gyro meat; two grilled chicken breasts, and a tasty sausage link, for $18. Now, fear not. There are meatless options as well; the fried cheese balls are fantastic, but I liked the juicy Greek meatballs the most. I’d get a dinner of those. You get a plate of bread and delicious marinated olives of different kinds with your meal, but obviously, don’t fill up on it. The portions are enormous, and quality doesn’t suffer for it.

To make the obligatory pun, you’ll need stamina to finish your plate at Stamna. They are very generous, and the food delicious. The service was exemplary, especially for how lively the place was- even in the bitter, sub-freezing wind chill on the day we went. When we return, I’m going to try the spanakopita spinach pie (my favorite) and the stuffed eggplant. I was just in the mood to eat a plateful of mollusks, and that satisfied my gullet for two days.

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