The gamble of the diner burger

Diner burgers run the gamut in New Jersey, but most tend to be firmly packed, overcooked and dry. The State Line diner in Mahwah is an exception. They make a juicy, tasty burger of ground round that is exceptional in the diner realm, but nothing amazing when compared to specialty burger joints, even Five Guys. It had little crust because it was grilled, but was quite juicy and had good flavor. I prefer the English muffin to the plain bun or potato roll because it is less likely to fall apart or soak up juices, and the crispness and char of the toasted crannies lend a better mouth feel.
They offer the standard trio of fries, pickle and coleslaw, but I opted for their thick cut onion rings, which had a nice crisp batter. They were well cooked, the slaw was good but a tad dry, and the pickle was a little soft. Nothing’s worse than a soft pickle, right girls? The burger is worth your while if you’re on Route 17 near the New York border, however. They are a good diner all around. Sadly, I wrote this after a disappointing burger at the Nutley diner- overcooked, rather tasteless, and stuffed on an oversized Portuguese bun that overwhelmed it. They made great sweet potato fries, though. Nope, I didn’t take a picture of it, it was that disappointing. To be honest, I had the Mexican burger with jalapenos, cheese, tomatoes, salsa, but it might as well have been on meat loaf.