Some clown sent me brownies!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll hear me rave about the hilarious, touching, eye-opening blog of André du Broc, Too Many Cookies. Go read it now. Come back if you aren’t crying, laughing, and ravenous from reading how he’s baking all 175 cookies from Martha Stewart’s cookbook, and regaling us with tales of his life in theater while doing it. It’s one of my favorite blogs, and I follow over a hundred.

I met André through Firecracker’s sister, who is a stage director. André himself has been everything from a clown in Ringling Brothers circus to a short order cook. We met over drinks at Bill’s Gay Nineties, a theater folk bar in NYC when he was in town. He is an ebullient, witty fellow with a dash of sarcasm. There he told us that he was participating in an AIDS charity walk, and if he made over $3,000 he was going to bake all 175 cookie recipes from Martha’s book. Of course, the donations rolled in from friends all over who like cookies. And who doesn’t like cookies? Besides Newt Gingrich. So we donated, and so many others did that he raised $4500 for the cause. And he got to baking.

His friends, co-workers and family got so inundated with decadent treats that he now asks people to mail him cookie containers- and I suggest you slip in a tenspot or double sawbuck to cover shipping and ingredient costs- and he’ll mail you back a gift of delicious, fattening treats. Because Firecracker loves peanut butter and chocolate so much that if the Reese’s had not existed, she would have invented it, he sent us peanut butter swirl brownies. They are amazing. Especially when you heat them and put ice cream on them, but even plain, they are a rich, chocolatey haymaker punch to the palate that makes you want to collapse into a bean bag chair and moan like a pregnant walrus.

So, go read André’s blog. You’ll get to read about naked midget clowns getting electrocuted, among many other things. Here’s the link again if you’re too lazy to scroll up:
Too Many Cookies

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