Van Candy at The Flash Fiction Offensive

My flash fiction piece “Van Candy” is up at The Flash Fiction Offensive.
Thanks to editor David Barber for running such a fine fiction venue, and his patience with an eager new writer like me. Go check it out, and read the past entries. There’s some great stuff there.

Other upcoming appearances I know about are:

“A Glutton for Punishment” in Beat to a Pulp in July.
“Lefty” in Crimefactory Magazine – issue as yet unknown.
“How Slavery Ruined My Vacation” in PureSlush for the July travel issue.
“Tripadvisor reviews for the Overlook Hotel” in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

The second Denny story, a flash piece, might be seeing print soon. I’m doing edits on it for a midwestern mystery and crime magazine I like a lot. I don’t like counting chickens before they’re hatched, so I’ll let you know when the chick starts peeping.

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