Guest spot at The Flash Fiction Offensive

My friend David Barber, editor of The Flash Fiction Offensive, has been so gracious to give me the coveted Guest Writer spot this month. David and I became fast friends after I learned my first lesson as an impatient young writer: read the friggin’ rules. He was kind enough to forgive me, and accept my story “Van Candy,” about two loan shark thugs who wind up with a smart-ass kid stowing away in their van. Hijinks ensue, and you can read that story by clicking on the link in the sidebar to the right, in the pink stuff.

This month’s story is twice as long, two thousand words. Guest writers get twice the space, and all it costs them is as many beers as David can drink, the next time they meet him. So that means I have to go to Scotland, land of the deep fried haggis burgers and rolling green. I plan to make that trip soon. They invented Scotch, didn’t they? Anyway, the story is “The Forest for the Trees,” set in my home turf, Branch Brook Park, during cherry blossom season. Hop on over for a ’70s tale of guns, young love, and muscle cars racing in the night.

The Forest for the Trees

© 2011 Thomas Pluck