Shogun Honey

Art by Derek Chatwood, prints available at PopRelics

Inspiration can come from anywhere. My friend Sabrina Ogden, book reviewer extraordinaire, made a typo on twitter. She’d meant to mention the great online short fiction site Shotgun Honey- not coincidentally the host of my first fiction publication– but instead, she typed “shogun honey.”

And me being me, I made a joke, saying they should do a week of all samurai fiction. (Samurai Fiction, by the way, is a great movie you ought to rent right now). She seemed dubious, and I came up with the first line of the story in a flash of inspiration, limited by twitter’s 140 character limit. I used to sneer when my poetry teacher, Rachel Hadas, said the limitations of form made you a better writer, but twitter and flash fiction have helped me follow Strunk’s law, “omit needless words,” which will make anyone a better writer.

Sabrina loved the line and asked me to keep writing. A few days later I had written “Shogun Honey,” and while far from a masterpiece, it was a lot of fun to write, and I hope you like it. It begins:

Ishikari took the job for three rice balls a day and a dry place to sleep. By dark, he’d wished he drowned and starved. 

read the rest at Shogun Honey… I mean Shotgun Honey.

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