Flash Fiction Friday: the Lost Children challenge

I’m advertising this one here. I am a monthly contributor to Ron Earl’s Flash Fiction Friday, and this month I roped my friend Fiona Johnson, aka @McDroll, to be a guest contributor. And did she come up with a doozy. So good in fact that I offered to donate $5 for each entry to PROTECT, the National Association to Protect Children. And she ponied up 5 pounds per entry to Children 1st, Scotland’s charity for abused children.
Causes do not get more important than that. Like Andrew Vachss, I believe we create our own monsters. A disturbing percentage of violent crime has its roots in abuse as children. Fatherless rage drives much of the underground’s brutality.

So, please contribute a story, and donate to the causes if you can. Links to the causes and to the entries that are pouring in are here, at Flash Fiction Friday #47: The City of Lost Children

Due date, midnight Thursday Sept 8th, 700 word limit. Short and sweet. So many good stories so far that I’m sure the short fiction venues like Shotgun Honey, Twist of Noir, and Pulp Pusher will be salivating over them.

On Thursday the stories will be collected into a post at the Friday Fiction website and broadcast over the ether. And it looks like I’ll be saving up to make my donations over months, from the reaction so far. Make me pay! Write your best!

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