Legacy of Brutality

I‘m not real smart, but I listen good.
I learned early, you don’t talk much, people ignore you. When you’re big like me, they call you a big dumb ox and stay out of your way.
“That boy dumb as dirt and twice as ugly.”
“Look like someone try knock his brains out with the ugly stick.”
Growing up, I heard it all. Momma told me not to get in no more fights, or I’d get kicked out of school. Didn’t matter anyway. I never finished, but not for getting in fights. Without Momma, the state took me in. So I fought back, until they left me alone with the weight pile.
I still hit the gym every day. It keeps me out of trouble. When I was a kid it got me in trouble, but now it keeps me out of trouble. Funny how that is.
The girls don’t want nothing to do with me. I don’t blame them. I got a lot of scars. I hear ’em sometimes, “That boy look like a rape machine.”
I never hit no woman. Anyone says I did, they can answer to my own two hands.

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“Legacy of Brutality” continues the story of Denny “the Dent” Forrest from my story Rain Dog in Crimespree no.43, so if you enjoyed that short story, this one’s quite a bit longer and gets Denny in a lot more trouble…

© 2011 Thomas Pluck