Calling Occupants…

I was listening to Sirius satellite radio, The Boneyard, this afternoon for a little heavy metal nostalgia. It’s a good station usually, where I can hear AC/DC, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and other hard rock bands I grew up on. Comedian Jim Norton drops in as DJ sometimes, and his tastes lean to Black Sabbath like mine. He wasn’t DJ today, I don’t know who it was, but whoever it was, was a fucking stooge, and not the good Iggy kind. In a break after Def Leppard’s “Wasted,” he says this:

“You know those Occupy Wall Street douchebags? Well one of them climbed up a tower or a pole, and says he’s not coming down until Bloomberg quits. And get this, he’s from Canada.”

Now, I know the Occupy Wall St. protesters are hippies, and as a metalhead in high school we sneered at the hippies and mocked their gentle nature. However, metal has always been a music of rebellion against society,  and the early pioneers like Sabbath were in fact hippies. “Children of the Grave” is anti-nuke, their first album is practically a fantasy novel written on weed. If anything, metalheads, punks, and hippies could agree on flipping the bird to The Man, getting stoned, and hating the cops. Now some metal DJ is supporting the fucking mayor over some dude bad-ass enough to climb a tower. What the fuck?

And he spouts this brownshirt drivel as a lead-in to “Dedication” by Thin Lizzy, which actually, is a socially minded song that says “this is dedicated to the millions who are starving,” and “the millions dying on the front line.”

He went on to call the protestors losers, or something. It actually sounded like the poor slob was reading from a script, and after reading a totalitarian satire like The Curfew it made me wonder if our corporate overlords were forcing their talking heads to attack this movement. Maybe they’re afraid. If you’ve watched any TV coverage, well-coiffed anchorbots do no reporting, but instead pick fights and mock them. “You don’t know what you’re protesting!”

I give SNL credit for goofing on Bloomberg instead. In a few weeks we’ll get tired of hearing about the protesters, and NYC will be locked down tighter than a city getting a visit from the G20 summit. There’s a reason they don’t hold them in America anymore, we don’t like driving into our cities and seeing martial law in action. I accidentally drove through Pittsburgh during G20 with my Marine buddy Johnny, and he said the checkpoints reminded him of Iraq… except they didn’t light up our car with the SAW. It took 3 hours to make a U turn out of town. We have made so many bylaws to violate the 1st Amendment right to assembly, from “free speech zones” three blocks from nowhere to needing permits, that anyone who purports to care about what the Founders wanted should be shitting themselves in an apoplectic rage about now.

The protesters should be glad that Bloomberg is generally humanitarian, if Giuliani were mayor they’d be in the holds of ships offshore getting pissed on by their keepers.

Writers who support accountability for Wall Street should head to Occupy Writers.

© 2011 Thomas Pluck

3 thoughts on “Calling Occupants…

  1. Based on my experiences in the sixties, it is almost impossible to predict how this will play out. The danger then and always, is that extremists will seize control and make it into something else entirely.

  2. Bums me out to see people who purport to "love" and "get" the music that I grew up with totally miss the fucking point. Hell, music in general. It used to be steeped in anti-establishment. Now it IS the establishment.

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