Review: The Bitch

The Bitch
The Bitch by Les Edgerton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you want a real crime story, this is for you. Like Ed Bunker before him, Les Edgerton knows of what he writes, and he writes it damn well. Jake’s story is pure noir: out of prison, he’s married, has a business he’s starting, and everything looks great until it all turns to shit when his cellie comes asking to have a favor repaid. And as you’d expect, it keeps getting worse. And worse. And always believable, but even worse!
With Jake we’re not given a hero who always makes the right decision. Driven by mortal fear of “The Bitch,” or life imprisonment as a “Habitual offender,” he is forced into more and more horrible dilemmas as his pregnant wife and criminal past collide in a scheme to rob a diamond merchant. Great reading with characters who pop off the page with a realism I can confirm. A dozen years at the port, working with shady jewelers and growing up in a town peppered with loudmouth small-time mobsters, this story is the real deal and a gripping read.

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