Fight Abuse for Under a Buck

For a limited time, I have reduced the price of Lost Children: A Charity Anthology to Benefit PROTECT and Children 1st to a mere 99 cents on Kindle and Nook. I don’t believe in selling things below their value, so this WILL NOT last for long. Do me, PROTECT and Children 1st a favor and spread the word. Give it as a gift. I have to sell 6x as many at this price to generate the same donation. It is an experiment, and I need your help to make it work.

Read what hardboiled legend Wayne Dundee says is “equally haunting and powerful and as painfully timely as today’s headlines” and support two causes that are fighting child abuse and not just spouting platitudes about it: PROTECT: The National Association to Protect Children, and Children 1st.

Stories by Paul D. Brazill, Fiona Johnson, Ron Earl Phillips, Chad Rohrbacher, James Lloyd Davis, David Barber, Erin Zulkoski, Luca Veste, J.F. Juzwik, Ingrid Hardy, Seamus Bellamy, and many more.

And remember… I read most Kindle books on my PC. You don’t need an e-reader. You can read any e-book you buy on Amazon on the web, at their Kindle Cloud Reader.

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