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Death by Killing gave Lost Children: A Charity Anthology to Benefit PROTECT and Children 1st a rave review. Chris Rhatigan runs a crime fiction blog but loved stories by crime fiction vets and literary authors equally. He chose stories by Benoit Lelievre, J.F. Juzwik, Lynn Beighley and Roberto C. Garcia as favorites and said “The collection itself lives up to its cover–these are powerful, often shocking, stories.”
Read the review here:
Death by Killing

Buy the book in all e-book formats, or trade paperback, here:
Lost Children: A Charity Anthology to Benefit PROTECT and Children 1st

It is still 99 cents on Amazon due to their price-matching. Get it while you can!

Fiona McVie interviewed me at The Inspiration Forum – thanks to Les Edgerton for suggesting me to her. If you head over there, you’ll get to read the opening of my novel BURY THE HATCHET.

I will be interviewed by Richard Godwin at Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse next week, and I’ll share that as well. Amazingly enough, in the three interviews with me this month, we don’t cover the same material.

And here are the upcoming publications you can look for this year:

“Raker: A Review,” in Blood and Tacos
“Firecracker,” in Hardboiled Magazine (available from Gryphon Books)
“Gumbo Weather,” starring Jay Corso, in Needle: A Magazine of Noir Spring 2012 (Jay is the lead cause of mayhem in my novel Bury the Hatchet)
“Lefty,” in Crimefactory Magazine #10
“White People Problems,” in All Due Respect April 2012
“Play Dead,” in Yellow Mama, April 2012
“We’re All Guys Here,” in Dollar Dreadfuls: Dirty Noir Quarterly
“Tiger Mother,” in Noir Nation #2
“Donkey Dick,” in Big Pulp March 2013
“Six Feet Under God,” in Grift Magazine Quarterly

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4 thoughts on “Reviews and Interviews and Upcoming pubs

  1. You've been really kicking all kinds of ass, man. You should be proud. I know I may not comment on things as much as some people–maybe I need to rethink my time management skills. But you've joined the rank of writers who I always make an effort to read their stuff.

  2. Thomas-write the novel before becoming too comfortable with shorts. If I had to name a mistake I made, it would be that. But congrats on your great success and hard work with this.

  3. Thank you both. And thank you, Patti. Coming from someone whose stories consistently blow me away… I'll do just that. Stories are a comfort zone and I have let them keep me from finishing this in a timely manner.

  4. Thank you. I will take your advice…I'm finishing a story right now that I'd promised someone.After that I'm done until the novel is revised.Your work always blows me away. I hope I get to read one of your novels soon.When I write, each chapter is a sort of story, and I have to piece it together before diving in.

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