Reckoning at Rainrock

Wayne Dundee brings a fresh dose of humanity to Western pulp. This hardboiled tale of justice gone wrong takes what could easily be a black and white revenge story and puts you smack in the middle of a living frontier town where the characters are as big and detailed as the Toadstool badlands where much of the action is set. We meet Lone McGantry when he picks up bounty hunter work for a lawyer, and what begins as a straightforward story of justice denied unfurls into the human failings of greed, jealousy and lust. Lone is a laconic and admirable hero, with as much character as his worn Colt. Even the baddest of characters we run into has their reasons, and when their desires cross, tempers flare and guns are drawn. Don’t let the opener fool you- this is no courtdroom drama, and Dundee leads us on a rousing chase for the truth as Lone gets tangled in a web of small town deceit.
Great reading for Western fans and pulp lovers alike.

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