Coming Soon!

A few new publications and appearances to look out for.

The next issue of Needle: A Magazine of Noir will contain my story “Gumbo Weather,” marking the first appearance of Jay Desmarteaux, the Cajun ex-con from my novel, Bury the Hatchet. If you wanna know what “gumbo weather” means… clickie.

“Garbage Man,” the latest Denny the Dent adventure, will appear in Beat to a Pulp: Superheroes, edited by David Cranmer. It’s the longest Denny story, and sets up the novel. Denny is on the run, and goes from being a grotesque neighborhood oddity to someone parents tell bad kids will get them if they don’t quiet their violent ways.

“Tiger Mother,” set in ’40s Harlem, will appear in Noir Nation #2.

“From the Heart,” a quick shot of Chicago blues, will appear in Shotgun Honey.

I already mentioned “Red Hot,” my story for Chad Eagleton’s “Hoods, Hot Rods & Hellcats” anthology. It’s now in his hands, and I’m looking forward to this collection. It’s an era I love reading about.

“We’re All Guys Here,” will be appearing in [PANK] Magazine. I think it’s in the pulp issue, but I’m not sure.

If you click the menu up there that says “Short Stories,” it brings you to a list of my publications in print, e-book and online. Most of them are available for free.

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  1. Congrats on all the success, Thomas. Really pleased for you and I’m glad to have seen it all happen over the past couple of years. Long may it continue. Looking forward to the novel.

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