Feeding Kate: Helping a Friend

My good friend Sabrina, of the crime fiction blog My Friends Call Me Kate, needs jaw surgery. She has Lupus. If you know anyone with this painful, joint-damaging disease, or if you’ve read the Dave Robicheaux novels by James Lee Burke- you know what’s she’s going through. And this gal loves her some cheeseburgers and cupcakes. Something I can appreciate.

Her insurance won’t pay for it- and instead of waiting for our country to enter the mid-20th century, we’re going to help her ourselves with an IndieGoGo campaign. Laura Benedict, Laura Curtis, Clare Toohey and Neliza Drew got us together to write stories for our cheeseburger-loving and crime fiction reading friend. The book is called FEEDING KATE, and we’ve got a hell of a line-up:

  • Ellie Anderson
  • Laura Benedict
  • Stephen Blackmoore
  • Joelle Charbonneau
  • Laura K. Curtis
  • Hilary Davidson
  • Neliza Drew
  • Chad Eagleton
  • Jenny Gardiner
  • Daryl Wood Gerber
  • Kent Gowran
  • Chris F. Holm
  • Dan O’Shea
  • Ron Earl Phillips
  • Thomas Pluck
  • Chad Rohrbacher
  • Linda Rodriguez
  • Johnny Shaw
  • Josh Stallings
  • Clare Toohey
  • Steve Weddle
  • Chuck Wendig
  • Holly West

All the proceeds will go to her surgery, and any left over will go to the American Lupus Foundation. For $5 you get a copy of the e-book, and for $18 you’ll get a print copy made through Lightning Source, by pros.

And if you like my fiction, you’ll get a Jay Desmarteaux story. He’s the lead in my novel Bury the Hatchet, a Cajun boy who likes a cheeseburger now and then himself. He’s a bully-hating bruiser who runs afoul of a biker gang in the Utah desert, who blame him for picking off their riders with his Cadillac. Their lawyer, a leather-clad lady biker named Kate, makes him a deal he can’t refuse: Take out the killer vehicle with a trunk full of nitro… if you loved “Duel” this one will be for you, and the only place to read it will be in … Feeding Kate!

4 thoughts on “Feeding Kate: Helping a Friend

  1. Thank you so much, Pluck and Patti. My jaw was injured years ago in a work related incident (I plan to tell the tale on my site), but I was surprised at how much arthritic damage they found at my appointment. I plan to fight my claim. Even though the surgery I need is specificly excluded from the plan, I’m hoping to show the need for the surgery based on my past injury and current complications from Lupus. It’s still a long shot, but worth the time in my opinion.

    With that, I was truly surprised when Laura told me this was a real project. I had thought this was just a lively fun conversation on twitter and never realized that so many had stepped up to assist with this. I’m overwhelmed by the support, the love, the kindness from all of you… I’m afraid I’ll never find the right words to thank you.

    • Well, you’re a great friend and you’ve sown a lot of love and support. I’m honored to be a part of it and glad to help. Drew, Laura B and Laura C, and Clare got us together and it’s rather amazing what they can do when they’ve got their mind set on something!

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