A Blast from Both Barrels

Shotgun Honey: Both Barrels collects my latest Denny the Dent story and 28 others by some of my favorite writers. Proud to be sharing print with this crew, they won’t let you down. If you like your hardboiled fast and dirty, you know Shotgun Honey is the place to be. This collection blasts through their 700 word limit and gives this cavalry of maniacs full rein. Get some.


Trade Paperback

The full roster:

Andrew Nette – King Tut’s Tomb
Cameron Ashley – The Blonde Chimera
Chris Holm – Not Forgotten
Dan O’Shea – Father’s Day
Frank Bill – The Jade Bounty
Frank Wheeler Jr. – Tapdancing for Idiots
Garnett Elliott – Chicken Soup for the Hole
Glenn Gray – Intubation
Hector Acosta – Jueves
Holly West – Regrets Only
Jen Conley – Escape
Jim Wilsky – Traffick
Joe Myers – Cold Read
Julia Madeleine – Rage
Keith Rawson – 2 Kilograms of Soul
Kieran Shea – The Judgement of Roland J. Monroe
Matthew C. Funk – Lovely Men
Michael Oliveri – The Wrench in Her Works
Naomi Johnson – Hero
Nigel Bird – Rhythm of Life
Nik Korpon – The Owls
Patti Abbott – How to Launder a Shirt
Paul D. Brazill – Gareth and Fiona Go Abroad
Peter Farris – Cut. Copy. Paste. Delete
Ray Banks – The Warmest Room
Steve Weddle – The Awakening: From the Cyborg Lesbian Vampire Chronicles
Thomas Pluck – Train: A Denny the Dent Story
Tom Pitts – Luck
Trey R. Barker – A Good Boy

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  1. Just bought it, Tom. Thanks. Seems like all I have time for lately to read for pleasure is short stories. Keep them coming. :D

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