Allagash Brewery Tour

The first craft beer I really enjoyed, and still enjoy, is Ramstein Blonde by High Point Brewing company. My palate has turned toward stronger flavors like double IPA’s and coffee stouts, but I still love a good lager and also wheat beers and Belgian whites. The best-known Belgian white or witbier is Blue Moon, and then perhaps Shock Top. The latter is better, but my favorite is Allagash White, and while Firecracker and I visited the northern corner of the States, we dropped by their brewery for a tour.

Allagash is best known for the White, but their Black is making the rounds of east coast taps. They stick to Belgian styles and modern variations. They made a traditional sour, made with wild yeast in from the air. It’s not very strong for a sour, but has a good flavor and is a good entry into sour beers. They are sour like a tart Jolly Rancher or a green apple, very crisp and refreshing.

They give a scholarly tour and let you sample their beers at the beginning of the tour. If you miss out, you have to wait until the next one. The Lonely Planet New England book has incorrect hours for their tour, so call ahead.

You get a walkthrough, which is exciting if you’ve never been to a brewery. It’s nice to see they run a very clean and professional shop, as you’d expect from a brewery that makes consistently tasty beer. If you haven’t had the White, I’d highly recommend it. It is smooth and tasty and not too heavy, with lingering flavors that cool you on a summer day and refresh the palate all year long. One of America’s best beers.

An amusing sign in their rest room.