The Mooney Suzuki

I’ve been hearing this band on Underground Garage, Stevie Van Zandt’s Sirius radio station, and this song cracked me up. It has a mocking yet mournful quality to it. After reading Johnny Ramone’s autobiography, it started playing in my head again.

You may be growing older,
we may be growing old-er,
but you’ll never be older than dinosaur bones
and you’ll never be older than the Ramones

In Johnny’s bio, he said that he put dinosaurs on their last album cover- ¡Adios, Amigos! because that’s how he felt. They went out early, before they turned fifty.  And for some, that’s better. Some musicians rock it long into their seventies. Pete Seeger seemed a little confused when he was on The Colbert Report, but he still played like gold. I haven’t seen the Stones- I’m not paying hundreds of bucks to see any band- but from video, they seem all right. I saw Dylan in the nineties and it was pathetic, we were all making excuses for the rambling wreck onstage. I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Dylan because he writes great music, but you never know what is his image and what is him, what is a put-on.  I’d think at this point, when not acknowledging that he is a legend starts an argument, that he could chill out and let the curtains down. I’m not a fan of anyone who clings to their imagined persona beyond the stage.

My favorite Cary Grant quote is when he said, “Some days I wish I could be Cary Grant!” He admitted the artifice, he retired gracefully. He looked classier than most long into his silver years, but he stopped working. Cary Grant died young, Archie Leach got to retire and enjoy life. I think that’s what most stars ought to do, but not everyone has the fortitude to admit it.

The Mooney Suzuki – Have Mercy