I Thank You

First: to my Firecracker, my family, my friends. Thank you.

Then I would like to give thanks to everyone who bought PROTECTORS: Stories to Benefit PROTECT and supported the only lobby which fights the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children exclusively. Take a look at what Protect has done:

PROTECT’s Victories

Maybe you bought the book because 100% of the proceeds go to PROTECT.
Or maybe you bought it for the exclusive first three chapters of Ken Bruen’s upcoming novel, or for the excerpt from the book Charlie Stella’s working on. Or for the DC street tale from George Pelecanos, novelist and writer for Treme and The Wire, the Hap Collins story by Joe Lansdale, the tale by World Fantasy Award winner Charles de Lint, the Edgar finalist from Chet Williamson, the thriller by Michael A. Black, the classic by Andrew Vachss, the WGI winner by Ian Ayris, the Gus Dury tale by Tony Black, the all-new Cash Laramie tale by Edward A. Grainger, the stories by Bill Cameron, Roxane Gay, Jane Hammons, Gary Lovisi and Richard Prosch.

Or it could be the NEW fiction from Patti Abbott, Ray Banks, Nigel Bird, R. Thomas Brown, Jen Conley, Wayne D. Dundee, Chad Eagleton, Les Edgerton, Andrew Fader, Matthew C. Funk, Glenn G. Gray, Amber Keller, Frank Larnerd, Mike Miner, Zak Mucha, Dan O’Shea, Keith Rawson, James Reasoner, Todd Robinson, Johnny Shaw, Gerald So, Josh Stallings, Steve Weddle, and Dave White.

Or because it’s the only book in which my Weird Tale of haunted Appalachia, where two boys tangle with moonshiners, wendigos and demon dogs, and meet hoodoo folksinger Blind Joe Death, will be available.

For whatever reason you bought the book, thank you. You’ve made it a resounding success that will continue to help fund PROTECT’s good work for the decade it remains in print.

And if you can’t support us- you can help by clicking the ‘Share’ button. Spreading the word helps more than you know. But do it tomorrow. Today, spend some time being thankful with those you love, and think of how to give others something to be thankful for.

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving, and many reasons to give thanks all year.

Thank you.

Thomas Pluck

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