My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

The song stuck in my head this week is… Shock of Point 6, by TKK:

Bow down and worship me, and I’ll give you everything the eye can see…

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult is an industrial band I first listened to in the early ’90s, and their sounds still resonate strongly with me. They have a grindhouse, sleazy pulp sensibility, and many of their song and album titles come from pulp novels (A Daisy Chain for Satan, by Joan Fleming is one) and they seem to spring from an alternative universe where the Satanism panic of the late ’70s never ended, and Hollywood Babylon is a neverending party behind a secret door.

Sex on Wheelz is their biggest hit, and with its blaring sexy sax it feels like it was written for a nonexistent Russ Meyer film of the same title. Though they have done lighter and trippier fare, including their Hit & Run Holiday album which has more of a surf edge. They aren’t for everyone, and do sound a bit like club dance music, but the trashy lyrics and tone are clear.

Devil Bunnies was my first introduction to their music, off of Kooler Than Jesus, a CD that collected their first extended singles. I’m a sucker for a good title, and their albums include the great ones Confessions of a Knife and I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits, both of which I would gladly steal for book titles if I weren’t afraid an actual Kill Kult would sever my johnson and feed it to a devil goat, or worse, a devil bunny.

I saw them play at Prince’s club in Minneapolis- The Quest? I can’t remember the name. It’s a good venue, we always grabbed a good balcony spot near the bar.  They put on an amazing show, tons of energy and showmanship. They were touring their album A Crime for All Seasons, which has a bit of a sleazy noir edge to it with songs like “Mr. and Mrs. Bottomless Pit.” That’s another thing I liked, they went with a mild theme for each album and changed just a little bit to keep it interesting, while remaining true to their origin.



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  1. Oh wow, I haven’t thought about these guys in years. I got into them via the Wax Trax label by way of Ministry and their myriad of bands. “Cuz It’s hot” has always been my fave track of theirs but you’re right, they have a great, sleazy noir exploitation vibe that is pretty unique.

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