Fresh Kills: the Reuben at Harold’s NY Deli

harolds reuben

Harold’s NY Deli is in New Jersey. There are a couple of them, actually. And like Ray’s Pizzas of New York, they are unaffiliated with each other. The Lyndhurst one is run by the guy who ran the Carnegie Deli in NYC, and my once favorite now-defunct diner, the Claremont.

While they may not be the best Jewish style deli restaurant around- my buddy Warren Bobrow can point you to Newark’s best– they are around the corner from where I work, and they make a damn tasty and enormous Reuben. So tender, so juicy, so flavorful. Whoever corned this beef had a way with meat.

This one is corned beef, and it is a junior. Yes, you can pay $43 for three pounds of meat that will serve a family of twelve, with free trips to “the world’s largest pickle bar” (my BS detector went off), and a loaf of rye with caraway seeds. It will be worth it.

This sandwich was twelve bucks or so. The meat was piled high. I did not want to look at food. It was the perfect size. I didn’t hate myself when I finished it, it was more of a mild disdain. Their pickles are forgettable and mushy, sadly. Smuggle in a jar of snappy Bah-Tampte half sour dills to make the experience complete.

This is a good Reuben. I’ve had them at Katz’s, the Carnegie, the Stage, Canter’s in Los Angeles. Not the best but a damn fine specimen.



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