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Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan, by Jake Adelstein

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An excellent look into the Tokyo metro area crime, vice and news beat by an American cub reporter who eventually broke a huge human trafficking scandal, money laundering in Vegas casinos that allowed three yakuza bosses to jump the U.S. organ donor line for liver transplants, and get him targeted by the leader of the Goto-gumi yakuza. It begins light and funny and soon descends into hell as Adelstein sees that behind the lassez-faire “free love” of the Japanese hostess clubs and suck-off parlors lies a violent trade in sex slavery and xenophobia that allows nationals to victimize foreigners with impunity, especially women. For anyone who has visited Tokyo it’s a sobering picture that tears apart the myth of the “honorable yakuza” put forth by… yakuza-owned movie and media conglomerates.

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