Steven Seagal Pooped Himself

Steven Seagal Pooped Himself

I was recently contacted by Dave N, promoting Steven Seagal’s new direct to DVD movie, despite my contact form stating that I do not do promotion for movies, books, music, flea circuses, donkey shows, or flatulent rhinoceros extravaganzas and anything in between.

His letter:

“Message: We wanted to inform you and your readers about the giveaway for “Deadly Crossing,” the Steven Seagal movie which hits Redbox May 14.

In exchange for posting their best Steven Seagal action pose, fans earn the chance to win an Aikidogi, MMA fight gloves, or a wooden bokken signed by Seagal.

Given your awesome movie content, we’d be honored if you could post about this. Below is a quick synopsis of the movie as well as a link to the contest page.”

So here is my favorite Steven Seagal pose: Pooping your pants after being choked for talking smack.



Video interview of judoka Gene Lebell describing the incident.