Memorial Day Story: The Long Walk Home

Memorial Day originally came about to honor the Confederate dead in the War Between the States, and now encompasses all who have served at home and abroad. I won’t make hollow platitudes about thanking soldiers for our freedoms. I thank them all for their service, in combat or otherwise, and believe our government treats them shabbily, and we tolerate that treatment… or we’d have stopped it by now.
After reading On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Lt. Dave Grossman, I feel the deepest of empathies for every soldier who was sent to war willingly or unwillingly.

I’ve written several stories veterans and war, the most recent being BLADE OF DISHONOR, which begins in World War 2 with the Devil’s Brigade and ends in the present day, traveling through Japanese POW camps and underground MMA fights along the way. That is sitting with my patient editor David Cranmer at BEAT TO A PULP, so let me share you a much shorter novel about a veteran who comes home to a different world: “The Long Walk Home,” which appears in Burnt Bridge.



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