Feeding Kate and Gator Bait!

I dropped by Sabrina Ogden’s blog to talk about my inspiration for Kamikaze Death Burgers at the Ghost Town Cafe, my story for the charity collection FEEDING KATE. All funds from the anthology were meant to pay for jaw surgery for our dear friend Sabrina, complications of Lupus (see, House? Sometimes it IS Lupus, ya mook). The indiegogo campaign was a success, and now the book is available on Amazon, with the proceeds going to benefit The Lupus Foundation. So please, drop by her blog for some chat of burgers, samurai, and my wild Jay Desmarteaux yarn, inspired by Mad Max and my last trip through the Utah desert.

And as usual, a bunch of things I’ve written are all available at once. So I also ask that if you want to hear about some backwoods Cajun revenge, you check out my review of ‘GATOR BAIT for Criminal Element’s Crimes Against Film series. If a Playboy playmate in a motorboat with a twelve gauge gunning for revenge sounds up your alley, laissez les bon temps roulez! (Let the good times roll, for y’all who ain’t from the bayou, like me and John Fogerty… who also aren’t).