Bellyflop Confessional: Your Biggest Writing Mistakes and Horror Stories

I was reading about the nature of success, which is often built on a foundation of missteps and failures, until the actor is in the right place, at the right time, and is free to make the right choice.

What are the chances of this perfect storm happening again? When we interview someone who did everything right, what do we actually learn that can be practically applied. Very little.

We learn from MISTAKES. Our own, and others’. But it is the rare person who is willing to share them. So in the interest of providing a valuable service to the writing community, I have started an anonymous blog called Bellyflop Confessional, where writers can share their biggest missteps, blunders and horror stories from the business of writing and publishing.

To SUBMIT anonymously, be sure you are not logged  in to Tumblr. You can enter a fake name and email address if you wish. If that doesn’t work, you can use the ASK FORM. They are not shared when I publish the story. They will not be edited or changed in any way. I may choose not to publish what may be constituted as libel, so take care in your words when telling a horror story. I look forward to your mistakes. I started it off with one of mine.


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