Confronting the Devil on your Shoulder

I’m back at The Good Men Project talking about self-repair. Dealing with emotional abuse, getting clued in by Andrew Vachss, and how I broke the cycle.

Confronting the Devil on Your Shoulder

photo: hatchibombotar / flickr

“…with enough reinforcement, whether it comes from peers or parents, the recipient begins to believe what’s being said. Long after the bully is gone, the devil on their shoulder whispers self-hate, repeating the litany of abuse.”

In the article, I link to “You Carry the Cure in Your Own Heart” by Andrew Vachss, which is nearly 20 years old now. It look a long time for me to put his words to good use.

4 thoughts on “Confronting the Devil on your Shoulder

  1. It’s great that you’ve written about breaking the cycle of abuse, but it’s a shame that you did it for the the Good Men Project, which is not good *for* men — it’s apparently a false-flag site run by Ms. Magazine (which you may or may not object to, but which your readers should know). Thanks.

    • Yeah, Ms. Magazine has been keeping men down for decades /sarcasm… “False flag?”
      Brother, I am not a “guilty” man or a self-hating male. But I find “Men’s Rights Advocates” to be the worst thing that’s happened to men since the invention of circumcision.
      Men have a responsibility to use our greater physical strength honorably, and it doesn’t mean we deserve anything in return. No, you need to EARN respect and the admiration of other people, be they women or fellow men, and thinking we’re “under attack” because our behavior can be criticized is the least manly thing I can think of. MRA is the biggest collection of little boys I’ve ever seen, and if GMP or Ms. or the reptiliaan underdwellers destroy everything MRA tries to accomplish, I’ll be on their side.

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