My friend & sparring partner Jody-Lynn Reicher

My friend and occasional training partner Jody-Lynn Reicher was interviewed by a local paper about what it’s like being a kick-ass MMA fightin’ mom.

I weigh almost three times as much as Jody, and she fights me like a rabid wolverine defending its kill from a lumbering lard-ass grizzly (aka me). When I talk about heart, she is forefront in my mind. If anyone’s got a Steel Heart, it’s Jody.

She just turned 50, and tours the country to fight opponents half her age. When she can find someone who’ll get in the cage with a rampaging stone-fisted little dynamo. Read on, she’s led a very interesting life, from the Marines to ultramarathons, and she’s a damn fine example of a human being.

Jody lynn Reicher Stance_080813_sn_tif_


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